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    The settlement is located at the end of a river terrace that is one step higher than the floodplain of the Sai River flowing from south to north in Nagano Prefecture. Iin the west, the Northern Alps Johnen overlooks this area. It is the place where you can see Mt. Higashiyama is approaching and the west is the floodplain of Sai River, so it was a difficult place for agriculture.

    I had lived a full-time office worker life without inheriting the family business, but in 2013, I decided to return to my parents’ house after thought through just before my father’s death. I have no relevant experience, but since I wanted to be involved in making wine that I like, I decided to grow wine. I vaguely remember in my childhood that my father cultivated Nia, Berry A, Della, and Kyoho.

    The reason why I was impressed by wine was that when I ordered wine from a menu recommended by Sommelier at an Italian restaurant, I was shocked by the aroma and taste. Probably Barolo. For that reason, I’m new to the 6th year now. Thank you.